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      1. Welcome To Visit【Xuzhou Hongyuan Glass Technology Co., Ltd.】Official Website!

        Dear customers and friends, welcome to visit the website of jiangsu xuzhou hongyuan glass technology co., LTD. Your presence means the beginning of our friendship. May our friendship last forever with further exchanges and communication.
        With our practical actions, we dedicate our brand, our products, to the society, to the consumers, to establish our own unique product quality, the road of brand development. Standing on the commanding point of enterprise brand development, "win respect with integrity, create brand with innovation; Strive to expand the enterprise, the outstanding founds the brilliant as the value, develops "the innovation, the good faith struggle, the outstanding" the enterprise spirit to build the high-quality brand. New years to come, we will adhere to the "honesty, people-oriented management, production quality for this" concept, carry forward the "unity, struggle, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise, deepen the reform, speed up the development, with high quality, considerate service make more friends from all walks of life care and support, to achieve more enterprise economic benefits and social benefits. We firmly believe: as long as the sincere pay, there is a happy return; Only a win-win can really win! Therefore, in future cooperation, hongyuan should offer the best products and best services for the industry with greater spirit, newer goals, higher standards, stricter requirements and more detailed style.
        We hope to make friends all over the world with our products as the link. Let's work together to write a new chapter of our business. All the staff of our company are willing to provide you with the most ideal products, the most sincere service.