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      1. Welcome To Visit【Xuzhou Hongyuan Glass Technology Co., Ltd.】Official Website!

        Our business philosophy is "quality to survive, management to benefit".
        Hongyuan glass in line with "quality first, reputation first" purpose, to "forge ahead, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, sincere dedication service, to provide users with more products and services, as have many high technology talent of jiangsu hongyuan glass co., LTD., we will continue to increase the technology content of products, keep improving the processing good each product, strive to produce the best color plate products in China.
        Culture is the lifeblood of enterprise sustainable development. Hongyuan glass co., LTD., pays attention to enterprise culture construction, the enterprise values, management idea subtly passed to the staff, so as to create a highly cohesive force and loyalty of staff team, is a han wind work enthusiasm and creativity, provide a steady stream of power for the development of enterprises.
        The company realizes scientific, intelligent and humanized management mode, strengthens the incentive mechanism for employees, and strengthens the training and assessment of employees. Enterprises and employees are always a community of common interests, sharing weal and woe, sharing lips and teeth, employees take enterprises as home, and enterprises take pride in employees. The integrated management system of power and responsibility, the scientific and sound incentive mechanism, can stimulate the enterprising consciousness of all employees to the maximum extent, meet the self-development needs of employees, and establish a good corporate atmosphere where people make the best of their talents and make the best use of their materials.