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        Matching production requirements for small quantities of glass bottles
        Time:2018-08-04 15:52:50      Number Of Clicks:819
        Many customers because of the market development in the early stage of the glass bottle needs issue orders is not very big, so it will is the glass bottle factory production to meet stringent requirements, especially the assembly line production process, many factories to solve the problem is the collocation glass bottle weight production, according to how similar bottle type, thus to meet the needs of our customers.
        1. The first is to see if the weight of several matched glass bottles is close to each other. It is required that the weight difference of glass bottles should not exceed 3-5 grams.
        2. See if the bottle types of several bottles of the same weight are close to each other, the difference of bottle types will affect the shape adjustment of the material drops, the adjustment of the bottle speed of the machine, the adjustment of the initial mold and the molding air nozzle, and the air pressure of the blow molding.
        3. The bottle mouth of glass bottle must be consistent, wide mouth glass bottle and wide mouth bottle should be matched, small mouth bottle and small mouth bottle should be together, which is conducive to the shape adjustment of glass material drop, otherwise, it will affect the rate of material dropping into the initial mold, and consume the working hours.
        4. The quantity of a few glass bottles with weight should be the same, change production at the same time, discontinue at the same time.
        5. When these glass bottles are produced together, the production process of the production line of glass bottles will be slightly reduced and the production will not be the same as the normal production process. However, many glass bottle factories will take these costs into account to meet the needs of these different customers.

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